ExpChest PE Mod for MCPE 0.12.x

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Author: TaQuItO
Compatible with MCPE: 0.12.x

Experience is a valuable commodity in Minecraft used for enchanting and anvils. Whenever you go out on an adventure you immediately opt-in for the possibility of losing it all because if you die all of the experience will be lost. The ExpChest PE Mod is the perfect solution for this danger as it allows you to store your experience in blocks resembling chests.

How to store and withdraw experience?

Begin by crafting the ExpChest and then place it down on the ground:

  • ExpChest (241) – 1 chest + 2 gold ingots + 4 obsidians

The ExpChest comes empty so make sure you’ve got some experience to store in the ExpChest.


Tap on it to open the experience storage graphical user interface (GUI). Then select the percentage (%) using the slider to decide how much of your current experience you want to store.

In this example we chose to store 100% of our experience in the ExpChest.


And as you will notice, all of our experience was moved to the chest.


To withdraw the experience select Withdraw and use the slider to decide the amount.


And as you can see, we got all of the experience back when we chose to withdraw 100%.


Multiple chests can be used to store different amounts of experience in.


Download Links:

For 0.12.x

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Download Links:

For 0.12.x

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