Exp Chest PE Mod for MCPE

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Experience is a valuable commodity in Minecraft used for enchanting and anvils. Whenever you go out on an adventure you immediately opt-in for the possibility of losing it all because if you die all of the experience will be lost. The ExpChest PE Mod is the perfect solution for this danger as it allows you to store your experience in blocks resembling chests.

How to store and withdraw experience?

There are two types of experience chests: normal and ender. The only difference between the two is that you can use Ender Exp Chests to retrieve the same experience across multiple different chests. This is useful if you have several bases and want something more mobile. The downside is that it requires more valuable items to craft.

In this case we’ll be using the Ender Exp Chest, but you can of course use the one you wanna use.

  • Normal Exp Chest (240) – 1 chest + 2 gold ingots + 4 obsidians
  • Ender Exp Chest (241) – 2 ender pearls + 1 chest + 2 diamonds + obsidians

Place it down on the ground and tap on the experience chest to open the GUI (graphical user interface). Use the slider to select the total percentage you want to deposit. In this case, I will be setting it to 100%. Use the Store button to store the experience and Withdraw to retrieve it.

And as you can see, when I pressed the Store button all of my experience was drained and stored in the experience chest.

Anytime when I want to retrieve the experience I can simply use the slider and then the Withdraw button.

As I used the Ender Exp Chest I can place down another such chest somewhere else and retrieve the same experience from there. You can see that this chest is placed at some other place in the background.