Evil Chest Boss Addon for MCPE

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This is one of the most outlandish ideas I’ve so far come across in terms of addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition. In short, it’s a chest turned into an evil boss. It’s hungry for diamonds and will eat any Minecrafter who it suspects have some treasures on them. It’s really difficult not to laugh when you have a walking chest trying to kill you!

How do I spawn the boss?

It’s spawned just the same way as if you were to spawn an iron golem. The reason for this is that the boss replaces that mob.

Make sure to come well prepared to the fight preferably equipped wearing a full armor set and also bring some food and weapons. It’s very hostile so before spawning it make sure you’ve got a good idea planned out on how to defeat it.


The chest will automatically start running after you once it has been spawned (assuming it’s survival mode). And it looks really funny!


If you do manage to kill it (which shouldn’t be too difficult) then it will drop a couple of diamonds.


Also, ocelots have been replaced by snails. Don’t ask me why!