Everyone Run Map for MCPE

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Everyone Run Map is a minigame speed run map which can be played by as many players you want. The obstacles would be impossible if it wasn’t because of the speed and jump potion effects so make sure you’ve got those enabled either through potions or mods. For example, you can switch the world to creative and then add a chest filled with the necessary potion bottles.

How to play?

This map requires at least two players (unless you want to compete against yourself of course). Once all players have spawned in the world make sure all of you got the following potion effects active: Speed V, Jump Boost V. If you don’t, then use potions to get those effects.

Then one of you should press on the button at the redstone lamp to begin the countdown. It’s entirely powered by redstone so all you have to do is just for a few seconds before starting to run.


There are lots of shortcuts to make use of but they are easy to miss because of the incredible speed.



  • Play on peaceful
  • Make sure you’ve got the following effects: Speed V, Jump Boost V
  • Don’t break blocks
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