EnderPig Addon for MCPE

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Combine a pig and an enderman and you have an enderpig. The textures look very similar to the enderman but the main thing which really makes it a dangerous mob is that it’s hostile and has the ability to teleport. As pigs usually spawn in most types of biomes and in groups of 3-4 they will quite fast become an immediate threat to your survival.

How does it work?

The EnderPig replaces the ordinary pigs in Minecraft. They have abilities similar to the enderman such as teleportation and the fact that they are hostile.  It uses the same 3D model as a normal pig but its textures are completely different.

They really add a complete new level of difficulty to the world as they spawn quite frequently and can be found in most biomes both day and night.

It’s not just the player who is vulnerable to this creature. Also villagers will be attacked on sight. And since they ain’t going to do any resistance they will likely be killed too.

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