EnderCreeper Addon for MCPE

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This addon replaces the normal creeper with an EnderCreeper. In short, I guess you could say that it makes the creeper much more dangerous as it now has the abilities to both explode and teleport. If you are looking to add an extra layer of difficulty to survival mode then this is a great choice!

What does it do?

The EnderCreeper (replaces the normal creeper and) is an incredibly dangerous mob as it has the abilities to explode as well as teleport. On top of that it is also very fast. You really don’t want to run into one of these in survival mode during the night because they will likely be the last thing you see before you die.

The explosion is similar to that of a normal creeper. But since they can teleport it’s almost impossible to avoid them unless you manage to kill them with a bow from afar before they get to you.