Ender Wither Addon for MCPE

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Do you think that the wither is too easy to defeat? Personally, I think it’s way too powerful already but that’s just me! This addon gives the wither boss and wither skeletons some new abilities. The most dangerous ability is that they can now teleport similar to an enderman. They are also stronger and have much more health than before.

How does it work?

The spawning process works just the same way as before. You will need four soul sand blocks and three wither skeleton skulls.

Place them as seen in the image down below and then place the last skull in the center next to the two other skulls (it doesn’t matter which order you place them in).

As soon as it has spawned it will start shoot fire explosions at whatever it sees and that includes mobs as well as players.

Other features:

  • 450 full hearts (before: 300)
  • Slightly faster (0.3) (before: 0.25)
  • Random teleporting

You should soon notice that it’s quite difficult to get a good hit at it as it teleports every few seconds. As long as you are in survival mode it will stay within proximity but as soon you get in creative mode it will quite soon be gone unless you constantly follow it around.