Ender Horse Addon for MCPE

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Here is an addon which turns the zombie horse into an ender horse which has the ability to teleport. As it teleports on random it’s not too useful but it’s nonetheless a badass feature for a horse. Besides the magical ability of teleportation it is also the horse with the most health.

How does it work?

The only way to spawn the Ender Horse is by using a zombie horse spawn egg. (Automated spawning is being worked on.)

A horse can be tamed simply by sitting on it until you see some heart particles as then you will know it is tamed.

To be able to control the horse you will need to place a saddle on the horse.

  • iOS / Android: Open the inventory while sitting on the horse and select a saddle in your inventory to add it to the horse back.
  • Windows 10: Press ‘E’ while sitting on the horse and drag-and-drop the saddle in the correct slot.

The main feature of the horse is its ability to teleport. But since it’s random it’s not that useful to be honest. It jumps 5 blocks high (at max) amnd have a total of 33 full hearts.

It slowly loses health and the only way to heal it is by throwing Splash Potion of Harming on it. It might sound contradictory but it does really work.