End King Boss Addon for MCPE

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The End King is one of the toughest bosses you can fight in Minecraft PE. It has more health than the ender dragon and it got unique attacking abilities which definitely will make you struggle. However, if you do have what it takes to defeat this incredible boss then you will be rewarded by plenty.

How to spawn the End King?

To spawn the boss you will need four iron blocks and one pumpkin. Use the blocks to build a structure similar to the one as seen down below. Place the pumpkin in the top center of the structure.

The boss is hostile so make sure that you got some weapons and preferably some gear on your before you spawn him. He does 7 attack damage and has a total health of 225 full hearts.

He will have an endermite on his head which will shoot projectiles and inflict some damage and blindness for 15 seconds every time you are hit. The endermite has 50 full hearts.

If kill the boss it will drop the following items:

  • 1 Ender Pearl
  • 1 Eye of Ender
  • 1 Nether Star
  • 1 Diamond
  • 1 Dragon’s Breath