Elytra Parkour 2 Map for MCPE

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For 0.17.0
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Elytra Parkour 2 is the second map in a series of elytra challenges. This time you will be able to experience a whole lot of new levels. Most of the levels should be fairly straightforward and not require too many tries. It’s a smooth and enjoyable map definitely worth playing if you wanna try out your new wings in Minecraft PE!

How to play?

Make sure you’ve configured the game settings as mentioned in the rules section. You will spawn wearing a pair of elytra wings. If you for some reason don’t have them then get a pair from the creative inventory and equip them in your chestplate armor slot.

Once you feel ready then it’s time to get started by jumping into the air and start gliding. Tap the jump button once to activate the wings. Throughout the map there will be rings and similar obstacles which you need to fly through.

If you fail on a level then start over from the last checkpoint.


  • Don’t break blocks
  • If you fail on a level then start over
  • Set difficulty to easy
  • Play in creative mode
  • Set time to day (/time set day)