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This addon gives some of the mobs in Minecraft elemental magical powers which makes them both more powerful and dangerous. For example, villagers have been turned into Electric Magicians which can shoot thunderbolts. If you are looking for new challenges then try this out as it includes several mobs you’ve likely never seen before.

Which mobs have been changed?

Electric Magician (replaces villagers): Villagers have found a way to harness the electricity from lightning and use it as a weapon. They have also turned evil and will attack players on sight.

  • Health: 75 hearts
  • Main attack: Thunderbolt

Fire Witch (replaces witches): This witch will make you burn. It shoots large fireballs and has much more health than what the ordinary witch had. If you get hit you will also get knocked up into the air and lose some health due to fall damage. I guess you could say it’s a mini boss.

  • Health: 44 hearts
  • Main attack: Large fire charge, knockback

Friendly Creeper (replaces creepers): The creeper is the mob you least have to worry about as it has turned neutral. Even if it decides to attack you it will never explode. Instead it will just bump into you and cause a little bit of damage.

You can tame it with some gunpowder. However, it will not do anything to protect you. It will only be following you around.

  • Health: 10 hearts
  • Tameable with gunpowder

Fire Golem (replaces iron golems): The golem can be spawned just as before by creating a structure of four iron blocks and a pumpkin. It’s a neutral creature which got one melee attack and a long range (small) fire charge attack.

  • Health: 75 hearts
  • Main attack: Small fire charge

Ender Wolf (replaces wolves): The ender wolf has the ability to teleport. You can tame it with ender pearls and it treats the player similar to a normal wolf.

Ender Spider (replaces spiders): This spider’s health has 20 hearts and it also got the ability to teleport. The combination makes it very dangerous.


Air Dragon Egg & Air Dragon Head: 

The End has been redesigned to appear as a new type of dimension. It seems to be a work in progress currently as I couldn’t find any other differences than the textures on the main island.

Other mobs which have been changed:

  • Wither Boss = Air Wither
  • Ender Dragon = Air Dragon


  • The Electric Magician has less health
  • Added custom sounds for Electric Magician
  • The sky in the End has been replaced by a new one
  • The Fire Witch has less life and she gets hurt by water
  • The Fire Golem throws large fireballs
  • The Elemental King throws fireballs, lightning balls, shulker projectiles and dragon balls


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