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Elemental Creepers Mod adds 16 different creepers. Each new creeper have a complete new appearance and most of them have special defense mechanisms and some type of unique drops. The only thing they’ve got in common is the fact that they are highly dangerous and take every chance they can to hurt you, usually by exploding.

How do they spawn?

The spawn rate of the new creepers is very high. So make sure to be well prepared with some good gear before entering a world with the mod enabled.

If you for some reason want more creepers than what’s spawning in your world then you can use the spawn eggs which are found in the creative inventory. Or, if you are in survival mode you can use the Toolbox mod.

Cake Creeper (ID: 512): The first impression of this creeper isn’t very frightening seeing as it looks like a cake, but it’s just as dangerous. However, if you do manage to kill it, it will drop cakes.


Cookie Creeper (ID: 513): This one is similar to the cake creeper, except that it looks like a large cookie and drops cookies if killed.


Dark Creeper (ID: 514): Sets time to night when killed.


Earth Creeper (ID: 515): Drops dirt blocks.


Electric Creeper (ID: 516): Spawns a lightning bolt where it was killed.


Ender Creeper (ID: 517): This creeper have the ability to teleport similar to an Enderman.


Fire Creeper (ID: 518): The explosion will set the player on fire.


Friend Creeper (ID: 519): This is actually not really a creeper. It’s a wolf which use the same model as a creeper. You can tame it and treat it as your pet.


Hydrogen Creeper (ID: 520): Probably inspired by the hydrogen bomb. It’s creates a much larger explosion than normal creepers.


Ice Creeper (ID: 521): Drops snowballs, ice and snow blocks.


Light Creeper (ID: 522): Drops glowstone blocks.


Reverse Creeper (ID: 523): This one isn’t much special other than its skin is reversed. Its face is upside down.


Solar Creeper (ID: 524): This creeper can be used during nights to set the time to day by killing it. It’s actually quite useful, unless of course, you get killed by it.


Spider Creeper (ID: 525): Drops cobweb. Gives player slow speed effect (unless he’s killed by the explosion of course).


Stone Creeper (ID: 526): Drops stones


Giant Creeper (ID: 527): A much larger creeper which creates a huge explosion.


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