Egaland Map for MCPE

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For 0.14.2
Author: Qwertycyz123 Author twitter:
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Egaland is a modern city built in Minecraft. The structures in the city mostly consist of skyscrapers and other large housing objects. It seems as a lot of work is being put in to try and achieve a fun and colorful city as most of the skyscrapers and other building objects include at least one playful color like red, blue or yellow.
The city is still a work in progress but which city in the real world isn’t? It’s really a cool city with lots of things to explore!


Egaland Airport Update 2017:

  • Added interiors
  • Rain Oculus
  • Ice Skating Rink
  • Resting Centre
  • Airport Hotel
  • More attractions
  • Hello-Kitty themed airplane
  • Egaland Control Tower
  • Runway and taxiways
  • And some more!