Dont Look Down

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For 1.6.0
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With the latest Minecraft update, Barrier block was added! That’s indeed a good news and it gave me (DarkStudio) some idea about it. So here it is! This parkour map requires you to complete all 6 unique levels with nothing, but barrier blocks beneath you. Don’t worry! There are plenty of hints that are placed above you so take a look at it before you make any move.

How to play?

It’s simple as mentioned above! Just go where the hints (colored concretes) are placed on top of the barrier blocks. Each hints has it’s own unique ways to get to the next hint, so you have to becareful not to trip off and die.

Map Rules

  • Using “/spawnpoint @p” command is allowed
  • Teleporting (to) other players is allowed
  • No cheating! [Anti-cheat is enabled]


Map Creators:

  • DashinRainbow [DarkStudio] / Twitter Account / Discord Group
  • DarkPower202 [DarkStudio] / Twitter Account / YouTube Channel


Note: This map will only work with Minecraft: BE v1.6 and above!