Doctor Slime Addon for MCPE

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Doctor Slime is a colleague of Doctor Husk (which is an other addon). The main advantage of the Doctor Slime is that he will always follow you around. He’s really useful if you want a companion who constantly look after your health. Sometimes he can seem a bit overprotective but then you can just lock him up in some cage.

What does the doctor do?

The husk has been transformed into a two-legged slime wearing a doctor’s coat. In survival mode he will constantly be following you around and give you health regeneration potions (which lasts 10 minutes).

  • If he gets 50 blocks away from you he will stop follow you
  • You can remove the health potion by drinking milk
  • The doctor doesn’t take fall damage
  • 10 minutes health regeneration

Doctor Slime always wants to make sure that you stay healthy for challenges ahead. You might want to lock him up in a cage during the time you don’t need him.

Let’s say you are being crashed by some monsters. Wouldn’t it feel much better if you had a doctor chasing you as well?

None of the hostile mobs will ever attack doctors. In real life medics in warfare are protected under the Geneva Conventions (which is basically international rules of warfare) so it makes sense they are protected in Minecraft as well.