Doberman Dog Addon for MCPE

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This addon changes the wolf into a doberman which is a medium-large breed of a domestic dog. In Minecraft it is slightly larger than a wolf. It’s also stronger and as a result works perfect as a guard dog or just as a new companion on your next journeys in Minecraft.

How does it work?

The main differences are the textures, health and attack damage. It has slightly more health than a normal wolf and when it comes to attacking it’s twice as powerful.

  • Replaces the wolf
  • 15 full hearts (normal wolf had 10 full hearts)
  • 7 attack damage (normal wolf had about half of that)

Everything else work just the same as a wolf. To tame it you will need to feed it some bones to make it like you. It’s going to follow you by default but you can make it sit/stand as well (iOS/Android: long-tap on the dog and press the button, Windows 10: right-click on the dog).

If you are attacked by some monsters your dogs will quickly be there to help you. If they get hurt then feed them some meat and let them rest up.