Display Board Map for MCPE

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For 0.16.0
Author: ewanhowell5195 Author twitter:
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This map consists of one large display board which uses redstone mechanisms to display preset numbers (1-9) and letters (A-Z). Even though it’s not that many things you can use it for it’s still incredible as it creates an idea of things which you can build using redstone. If you are a redstone novice then have a look at this map and try to get a better understanding of how it was created.

There are 35 preset letters and numbers which you can activate by pulling one of the levers. Once the lever has been pulled it should quite soon display the number, or in this case the letter ‘M’, on the display board.


Use the levers on the other side of the room to display your own pattern. And if you want to go all geeky you can even create your own preset pattern by entering the backend of the machine.


Here’s an overview of the entire structure. It’s quite amazing to look at!