DeletePack Unlocker Addon for MCPE

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This is an addon which will let you delete resource packs and behavior packs (also known as addons) directly in-game. It’s one of those features which I wish existed in Minecraft PE but for some reason doesn’t. However, with this addon it will and that’s good enough for me!

How to delete packs in-game?

Here is a list of items which you will be able to delete. This will work on all packs no matter whether they produce any errors or warnings.

  • Resource packs (also known as texture packs)
  • Behavior packs (also known as addons)
  • Purchased packs (e.g. textures packs which you’ve purchased)

To demonstrate how this works I have installed the Hot Air Balloon Addon on my device. (I have tested this on Windows 10, Android and iOS and it works for all systems). And now I am going to delete the resource and behavior packs directly in-game by using the DeletePack Unlocker Addon.

Delete Resource Packs

There are two ways that you can use this pack to delete a resource pack.

The first option is to go to Settings Global resources. Select the pack and click the bin icon to delete it.

Close the Settings tab once you’ve deleted it.

The second option is to create a new world (or edit an existing one) and go to Resource Packs and delete the pack there. This option will delete the pack entirely from your device and not just from this world even though it might seem so.

Close the world options once you’ve deleted it.

Delete Behavior Packs

These kind of packs changes the behaviors for mobs in Minecraft Pocket Edition. They are usually installed when you are downloading an addon.

To delete a behavior pack you will either have to select the option to create a new world or edit an existing world. This option will delete the behavior pack entirely from your device!


  1. Download Resource
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings Global resources > Activate pack
  4. Close Settings (IMPORTANT!)