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DEFAnimation is a texture pack which adds animations to some of the blocks in-game. It was originally created for the PC version of Minecraft and is now ported to Pocket Edition. As a result it doesn’t include all the same block animations but hopefully more will be added in a future update. The animations greatly improve the environment in Minecraft as it makes it look more vibrant and alive.

How does it work?

In the vanilla version of Minecraft (non-modded) most blocks don’t have animations. They are mostly just still images.

If you use this texture pack some of the blocks will be animated. It’s like a comparing a .PNG image to a .GIF animation.

Click each image to play the animations. (It might require some time to load.)

Demo Video

These types of texture packs are difficult to describe by just words and images. Watch the video down below to get a better understanding of the features!