Crystal Expansion Mod for MCPE 0.13.1

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Crystal Expansion Mod adds randomly generating crystals, two new machines and a couple of lightsabers to the game. It’s really useful since it makes obtaining certain metals much more effective and for any Star Wars lovers out there lightsabers surely should be an interesting addition to the game!


There are three different types of crystals: red, blue and green. All of them can be found around layer 30, but keep in mind they are quite rare and takes some time to find. Break the crystals using a pickaxe to obtain crystal shards.

  • Red Crystal Shard (3983)
  • Blue Crystal Shard (3982)
  • Green Crystal Shard (3981)

Crystal Refinery

After you’ve found some crystal shards it’s time to refine them and get another material which can be used for some new useful items.

Begin by building a Crystal Refinery machine and then place it down on the ground.

  • Crystal Refinery (223) – 5 iron ingots + 1 diamond + 3 obsidians

Before you can use the machine make sure to refuel the machine with at least four quartz as that’s the required amount for refining one crystal shard.

Then tap on the machine with a crystal shard to obtain a refined gem.

  • Red Refined Gem (3980)
  • Blue Refined Gem (3979)
  • Green Refined Gem (3978)

Crystal Extractor

The crystal extractor can be used for extracting the precious metals from diamond ores, emeralds, nether quartz and lapis lazuli ores. This machine will let you have a tripled chance of obtaining more metals compared to mining the block.

  • Crystal Extractor (224) – 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond pickaxe + 1 redstone block + 3 obsidian blocks

Place e.g. a diamond ore on top of the machine and then tap on the machine to fill it up with 6 quartz. Once that’s done the diamond ore should be extracted and some diamonds should appear.


The lightsabers are melee weapons which can be crafted using some new crafting recipes.

  • Light Module (3976) – 6 iron ingots + 1 Red Refined Gem + 1 Blue Refined Gem + 1 Green Refined Gem
  • Saber Handle (3977) – 6 iron ingots + 1 redstone + 1 diamond
  • Red Foton Saber (3975) – 1 Light Module + 1 Saber Handle + 1 Red Refined Gem
  • Blue Foton Saber (3974) – 1 Light Module + 1 Saber Handle + 1 Blue Refined Gem
  • Green Foton Saber (3973) – 1 Light Module + 1 Saber Handle + 1 Green Refined Gem