Creepers Plus Mod for MCPE 0.13.0

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Author: Ryan Ferreira
Compatible with MCPE: 0.13.0

Creepers Plus Mod adds 11 new creepers to the game. All new creepers act similar to the default creeper in the sense that they will try to explode as soon they get close to you. The difference is that the aftermath for each creeper looks a little bit different. For example, one creeper will drop cakes and another will generate lots of lava.


Where can they be found and what happens after a creeper explodes?

All of the creepers can be spawned using spawn eggs found in the creative inventory. If you install the automatic spawner script which is included in the download then they will be spawned in your world at random too.

Cake Creepers drop cakes with candles.


Cookie Creepers drop cookies.


Fire Creepers will set the ground on fire. Also, if you try to hit them you will be set on fire.


Water Creepers drop lots of water on the ground.


Magma Creepers drop lava on the ground. The overworld can quickly become a hell if you try to fight with these creepers.


Earth Creepers generate dirt blocks around them.


Electric Creepers will cause lightning bolts to strike.


Ice Creepers will generate loads of packed ice around them.


Light Creepers are the perfect creatures to attack during night because they generate loads of shining glowstones around them after exploding.


Wind Creepers are super fast creepers. They run much faster than ordinary creepers but do about the same damage.

Dark Creepers turn the day into night.

Solar Creepers cause the sun to come up if it’s night.

Spawn Egg IDs

  • Fire Creeper (500)
  • Water Creeper (501)
  • Magma Creeper (502)
  • Earth Creeper (503)
  • Electric Creeper (504)
  • Ice Creeper (505)
  • Light Creeper (506)
  • Wind Creeper (507)
  • Dark Creeper (508)
  • Cookie Creeper (509)
  • Cake Creeper (510)
  • Solar Creeper (511)

Download Creepers Plus Mod

For 0.13.0

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