Creeper Pong Map for MCPE

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Creeper Pong is a multiplayer minigame for up to two players. It’s inspired by ping pong (or table tennis) which is a world famous sport. The objective for each player is to use his assigned weapon to knockback the creeper to the other side of the arena to make it explode and destroy the other player’s red or blue wool.

How to play?

Two players are required to play this minigame. Both players should begin by selecting a kit in the starting area and grab the necessary gear and weapon from the chest they select. You are not allowed to mix kits. Take some food from the other chests.

  • Default Kit: Knockback Stick + Protective Gear
  • Archer Kit: Powerful Bow + Protective Gear
  • Detonator Kit: Creeper Detonator + Protective Gear

Before reaching the arena you will see three different levers. Here you select your modes (easy, normal or hard).


Once both players have entered the arena player 1 will have a button which he can use to start the game. Creepers will start spawning in the center of the arena.


Use your weapon to smash the creepers over to the other side of the arena to cause them to explode. You are not allowed to cross over the white line. Once all of the other player’s wool has been destroyed you’ve won.



  • Set difficulty to max
  • Do not cross over the white line in the arena
  • All wool of the other player’s side of the arena must be destroyed to win
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