Crazy Wither Addon for MCPE

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Author: Jason Metch, V1tas_Pro Author twitter:
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This is an addon which will make the Wither Boss go a little bit crazy but in a good way. He looks much less frightening and actually even kind of funny. For the most part he will fire love bombs at you (basically health potions). But sometimes he will go back to his normal self and shoot explosive wither heads but even those are much less powerful than before.

How does it work?

It is spawned just the same way. You will need four soul sand blocks and three wither heads. Place the three wither heads on the top of the structure as seen in the image down below.

As soon he has been spawned he will attack mostly anything, including mobs and players. In that sense he is not much different from before.

For the most part he will be shooting love bombs at his enemies. (Four out of five times.)

Every fifth shot will be an explosive bomb. But it’s quite weak and can’t really compare to the explosion the original wither boss causes.

This addon is quite suitable for Valentine’s Day (February 14). Basically it will make the wither boss more loveable!