Cookie Ore

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Are you bored of standard minecraft ores? Then you can try this addon. This small funny addition will crush biscuit ore into the world of minecraft, by melting it you can get cookies!

Are you tired of standard Minecraft ores? Then you can try this addon. This little fun addition will add a new fun ore to the Minecraft world, by re-melting it, you can get cookies!

This ore is generated in the ordinary world a little less often than iron. This ore can be mined by any item, even by hand. You may use this addon in any videos you want but please leave a link in the description to this mcpedl link. This addon was created to test some systems for my subsequent projects.

Fine! Now you can also enjoy cookies in those biomes where it is difficult to find raw materials suitable for them!

Note! When the addon is launched on the Minecraft Bedros version older than 1.13, ore generation will not work.

Please do not forget to enable experimental gameplay when installing the addon! It is necessary for it to function correctly.