Companion Craft Addon for MCPE

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Companion Craft is really a must-have for anyone who enjoy the company of other mobs in Minecraft. Besides adding the possibility for a couple of new companions it also makes tamed horses follow you. Your companions won’t just be following you around they will also reach out and try to help you (e.g. by attacking hostile mobs) if necessary.


Tame a skeleton by giving it a bow. Skeletons are friendly and won’t attack you. Every time that you tame one there’s a small chance that the skeleton will obtain an armor.

If you are successful then the skeleton will turn black and immediately start following you. You can command it to stay/follow and whenever you attack something (or if you are attacked) it will help you out.

Iron Golems

Give an iron golem some gold nuggets to try to tame it (tame chance: 33.33%). Once it is tamed it will gain doubled health and it will also be following you around and protect you. If you get tired of it you can command it to stay.


Wolves are by default hostile toward skeletons. However, with this add-on enabled wolves will no longer try to attack them as it’s possible those skeletons might be your companions.


Personally, I love horses in Minecraft but they can be a bit tricky to control sometimes because they don’t naturally follow the player. This add-on makes horses follow you similar to the other companions.