Christmas Weapons Addon for MCPE

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This addon replaces some of the ordinary items in Minecraft with Christmas themed weapons. It also adds a new vehicle called Santa’s Sleigh. It’s Christmas times and it’s time to update your weapons arsenal with a set of more suitable weapons. But Santa’s Sleigh is probably the best thing about it.

Santa’s Sleigh

The snow golem is replaced by Santa’s Sleigh. This is a vehicle which players can use to ride around. It’s definitely very suitable for Christmas! You’ll need a Sleigh Key to ride it and it’s dropped only by polar bears.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the sleigh and press Board. Then hold a Sleigh Key to start moving.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the sleigh to enter it. Hold a key to start moving.

Health: 50 hearts, no fall damage, hurts if in contact with water. It can carry up to two players at the same time.


X-Mas Shotgun (Replaces Fishing Rod): A weapon which inflicts at least 10 attack damage targets who are hit. The aim is very accurate with no spread (even though it’s called a shotgun).

Grinch Anti X-Mas Spirit Bottle (replaces Egg): A poisonous bottle which has a lingering effect (meaning, a lasting effect) for 20 seconds. Any mob, including players, is affected by this weapon.

X-Mas Spirit Bottle (replaces Snowball): Throw the bottle on the ground and it will cause a lingering healing effect for 20 seconds. It’s much better than a splash of healing since it spreads over a larger area and the health boost is also much better.

X-Mas Handgun (replaces Bow): This weapon causes a linger slowness effect which will last for 20 seconds. It’s useful if you are being chased by zombies (or any other monster) and need to slow them down in order to make a quick escape.


  • Added Sleigh
  • Added Sleigh Key (only dropped by polar bears)
  • Renamed all modified items
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