Chocobos Addon for MCPE

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The Chocobo is a fictional animal in the Final Fantasy game series. It’s basically a giant bird which has a similar look to a chicken or an ostrich. You can tame the bird and use it for riding. It’s very fast and is unaffected by fall damage. And let’s not forget that they look really cute too and exist in 7 different colors!

How does it work?

Chocobos are friendly creatures which can be found in most biomes as they replace pigs. You can tame a chocobo by feeding it some potatoes, beetroot or carrots to tame it.

The main usage for a chocobo is to use it for riding. It’s very fast and withstands fall damage. It’s the perfect animal to ride if you ever need to get away quickly.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the animal with a saddle. Then long press it again to ride it.
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the animal with a saddle. Then right-click it again to ride it.

You can control it by holding an iron sword.

The chain armor has been replaced by a chocobo armor. The only difference is the texture design.

Chocobos are very friendly and are quite similar to horses. This means that they will never attack anyone and that includes hostile mobs.

If your chocobo ever is hurt just feed it some potatoes, beetroot or carrots to heal it.

Put two chocobos together and then feed them some food (potatoes, beetroot or carrots) and they will soon start breeding.

General Information

  • Friendly
  • No fall damage
    •  Wild
      • Tameable with carrots, potatoes or beetroot (25% tame chance)
      • Baby
        • Health: 3.5 hearts
        • Drops: some experience points
      • Adult
        • Health: 12.5 hearts
        • Drops
          • 0-1 chocobo legs (porkchop)
          • 0-4 feathers
    • Tamed
      • Rideable, place saddle then ride it, control with iron sword
      • Baby
        • Health: 5 hearts
        • Drops: some experience points
      • Adult
        • Health: 15 hearts
        • Drops
          • Non-saddled chocobo
            • 0-1 chocobo leg (raw porkchop)
            • 0-4 feathers
          • Saddle chocobo:
            • 0-1 chocobos leg
            • 0-4 feathers
            • 1 saddle