ChatHider Addon for MCPE

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This add-on is useful anyone who use command blocks in their maps but need a way to hide the text commands from being displayed in chat. It’s especially annoying for command blocks which use repeating commands as then the chat literally gets spammed with new messages. It’s recommended for single player use only since you probably want to see the chat in multiplayer.

Important: I recently found out about another solution! Use the following command to hide commands in the chat: /gamerule commandblockoutput false (Thanks Vysair!)

How does it work?

This is a great example of an annoying command block. In this case it is a command block which is used for causing a particle effect and to make it function properly it needs to be running on repeat. And as you can see, the chat is literally spammed with messages and this won’t stop unless the command block is disabled.

I left the world and enabled the ChatHider resource pack. And this is what it looks like without the chat. It’s much cleaner as you can see. But keep in mind, that this is primarily meant to be used for single player maps since you most likely will need to see the chat in multiplayer!

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