Chambers Map for MCPE 0.13.1

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Chambers is a great adventure map where you have to venture into the unknown in search for freedom and a better life. Five challenges await and they include mob battles, puzzles, underwater mazes, parkour and much more. It’s more than one hour worth of gameplay in a map which has taken months to finish. The result is outstanding and definitely worth a download!


You’ve been sent to a tiny village, populated only by criminals, after being sentenced for a crime you didn’t commit. The only way out is through The Chambers but everyone you talk to in the village say that nobody has ever come out of there alive. You are put in a situation where you have to pick between a life stuck in this tiny awful village or fighting for your freedom. The decision doesn’t require much thinking.. if there’s a way out, you need to find it..

Rules for Chambers Map

  • Don’t break blocks
  • Play on easy, medium (recommended) or hard (based on your skill level) (peaceful not allowed)


Download at author site

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