MinecraftPE Texture Packs


Energy Shaders

Author: Pro Coder | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 1907 | Like: 100

Energy Shaders is one of the first shaders to offer full support for Windows 10, iOS and Android. The most noticeable differences are for the water, skies... 


Jehkoba Fantasy Texture Pack

Author: Jehkoba | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 591 | Like: 37

This is an amazing texture pack originally created for Java Edition and it’s now ported to Bedrock Edition. The design is influenced by SNES JRPGs, table... 


Llama Heads Pack

Author: AlexCraft | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 702 | Like: 22

This texture pack replaces some of the wearable heads in-game with llama heads. Even though it’s not your usual fur hat it’s still quite fashionable... 

Plain Colors Texture Pack

Author: Angelxbox505 | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 692 | Like: 53

This texture pack adds a much more simplistic and clean style to some of the blocks in-game. The wool blocks and beds are one-colored and the glass is... 

Haven Texture Pack

Author: sixfootblue | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 2075 | Like: 83

Haven is a beautiful texture pack which has been in development since the early summer of 2017. The idea is to create a texture pack similar to the default... 

Bendy and the Ink Machine Heads Pack

Author: FH_Miner | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 753 | Like: 18

This is a resource pack which replaces some of the heads and skulls in-game for the heads of characters from Bendy and the Ink Machine which is a popular... 

John Smith Legacy

Author: Glowstrontium | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 765 | Like: 47

John Smith Legacy is one of the oldest texture packs for Minecraft PC (and now ported to Pocket Edition). It’s a medieval styled texture pack which work... 

SSPE Lightweight Shader

Author: RyFol | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 3587 | Like: 117

SSPE is a lightweight shader pack which is the perfect solution for anyone who have got a low-end device and haven’t been able to use any of the other... 

Pixel Reality

Author: Wedhro, Hanneman117 | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 550 | Like: 30

Pixel Reality is a low resolution texture pack pack which adds more realism to Minecraft. The textures have a much smoother design and the colors look... 

Forge Texture Pack

Author: Enely | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 2 | Like: 0

This texture pack is more detailed than the vanilla texture pack in Minecraft. Most of the building blocks have been completely revamped. It’s nice though... 

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