Redstone Maps

Giant Working Crafting Table Map for MCPE

Author: Pastimeboy | Compatible: 1.2 beta | Download: 7333 | Like: 7

This is a giant fully working crafting table which can be used for crafting most items and blocks. It doesn’t work that much different from an ordinary... 

Amazing Castle for MCPE

Author: Euclides | Compatible: 1.1.4 | Download: 14739 | Like: 13

16 Useful Farms Map for MCPE

Author: IHave1Dollar | Compatible: 1.1.4 | Download: 7157 | Like: 5

This map features 16 different farms for 1.1+ that can be used in a survival world. They all can be built in a world without cheats (You don’t have to... 

Attack Robot – Colossus Map for MCPE

Author: DaSchmitt/BobTheCreeper | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 7656 | Like: 8

Colossus is a huge, monstrous machine armed with explosives, missiles and dispensers and it is inspired by Cubehamster’s massive slime creations. It... 

20 Favorite Redstone Creations Map for MCPE

Author: Redstonephantom2017 | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 9521 | Like: 12

This map features twenty different redstone creations which include a great mix of complexity. However, one thing they have all got in common is that each... 

Simply Jetpacks Recreation Map for MCPE

Author: Kingbudderjr | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 19747 | Like: 14

This map features a recreation of Simply Jetpacks which is an existing mod for Minecraft Java Edition but this map creation is only using command blocks,... 

Working Command Block Map for MCPE

Author: Pastimeboy,Jhomes | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 6989 | Like: 5

This map features a huge command block creation which has similar functionalities to a normal command block. There are some limitations though. For example,... 

New Slime Block Robots Map for MCPE

Author: DaSchmitt/BobTheCreeper | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 10400 | Like: 9

This map features several robots which utilize blocks of redstone and slime blocks with piston mechanics to enable functionalities required for walking... 

10 Automatic Farms Map for MCPE

Author: ariankhatabi80 | Compatible: 1.1.3 | Download: 5158 | Like: 6

This map includes 10 different automatic farms which most of them can prove very useful and especially for survival worlds where resources sometimes are... 

Working Functional Computer Map for MCPE

Author: Pastimeboy | Compatible: 1.1.1 | Download: 9723 | Like: 8

This map featured a huge computer which is entirely powered by redstone and command blocks. It includes a few different features such typing, executing... 

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