Redstone Maps

Tic-Tac-Toe Map for MCPE

Author: devans2048 | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 4235 | Like: 2

Tic-tac-toe is a game where you take turns marking spaces in a 3×3 grid. To win you have to successfully place three of your markers in a horizontal,... 

Working Huge Furnace Map for MCPE

Author: TalMelamed | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 3344 | Like: 1

This redstone creation works just the same as an ordinary furnace except that it’s at least hundred times bigger and entirely powered by different types... 

15 Redstone n Slime Creations Map for MCPE

Author: Ima_Hot_Dog | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 2298 | Like: 1

This map features 15 different redstone and slime creations. The majority of the creations are ones which I haven’t seen showcased in any other redstone... 

Little Redstone House Map for MCPE

Author: LooolGamer35 | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 4713 | Like: 3

DarkLegends Map for MCPE

Author: Az928 | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 4405 | Like: 3

DarkLegends is a really cool and secure base which is entirely powered by redstone. There are tons of redstone functionalities to explore within the base.... 

Display Board Map for MCPE

Author: ewanhowell5195 | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 2636 | Like: 0

This map consists of one large display board which uses redstone mechanisms to display preset numbers (1-9) and letters (A-Z). Even though it’s not that... 

Auto Smart House Map for MCPE

Author: John_SherwinPH25 | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 17153 | Like: 18

This is a redstone house with 30+ Piston Mechanisms. And don’t forget the under ground elevator. Enjoy!


Redstone Powered Mansion Map for MCPE

Author: ronnametz | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 15838 | Like: 14

This Mansion is fully powered has a light system, the showers doors garage toliet and much more operates through redstone. Download and try out this amazing... 

Raptor Machine Map for MCPE

Author: Vinijapa | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 6336 | Like: 2

This map is a small showcase of a huge raptor machine which is entirely powered by redstone. Once it starts moving it will shoot fire charges from its... 

Modern Redstone House Map for MCPE

Author: Unknown | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 10220 | Like: 7

This map contains at redstones but the map has 4 prominent redstones Redstones in the map: 1/ Toggle trapdoor as fence gate 2/ Two doors openned when you... 

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