Puzzle Maps


Circuit Scramble Map for MCPE

Author: AgentCPU0 | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 2187 | Like: 4

Circuit Scramble is a map which is based on an Android app with the same name. This is a demo version which currently only includes five levels but the... 


PuzzleMap Map for MCPE

Author: Gaming_Pilot2 | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 2290 | Like: 3

This map includes 8 different puzzles. It appears as if it most suitable for beginners (based on the difficulty of the map) who have no too much experience... 

Lights Out Map for MCPE

Author: Jhomes | Compatible: 1.0.4 | Download: 2676 | Like: 5

Lights Out is a new type of puzzle in which you have to stand on different pressure plates to ultimately disable all of the lights. Even though it looks... 

Paradiscal Paintball Addon Map for MCPE

Author: Paradiscal | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 4433 | Like: 2

Paintball is a type of game where players have to shoot other players and by doing this take out the other team. This game doesn’t work exactly as in... 

Behind Locked Doors Map for MCPE

Author: AgentCPU0 | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 3377 | Like: 0

Fire up those neurons! It’s time for eight confusing puzzles which will get your mind working. Most of the challenges include some sort of redstone mechanism... 

Remember Death 2 for MCPE

Author: BlackZero | Compatible: 1.0.0 | Download: 5977 | Like: 4

This map includes 8 different memory challenges. Each level has a couple of separate rooms. In the first one you have to try to memorize all of the blocks... 

MindDud PE Christmas Spirits Map for MCPE

Author: Future Gunner | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 27160 | Like: 74

MindDud PE Christmas Spirits Map is a puzzle map consisting of four complex puzzle levels. In the map you will find Christmas gifts, snowmen and Christmas... 

Remember Death Map for MCPE

Author: BlackZero | Compatible: 0.16.2 | Download: 2496 | Like: 2

This is a puzzle map in which you will put your brain on a test. How good is actually your memory? Give this puzzle map a try to find out! There are 10... 

Saw Puzzle Map for MCPE

Author: Zach | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 3850 | Like: 1

In this map you will need to complete multiple different traps that has been set up by the jigsaw killer. And remember he just wants to play a game. You... 

Redstoney Map for MCPE

Author: JGMcpe | Compatible: 0.16.0 | Download: 1744 | Like: 0

In this map you will face 25 different puzzle challenges and each one of them is in some way related to redstone. Get your wheels spinning and try to complete... 

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