Castle Defence Map for MCPE

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The objective of Castle Defence Map is to defeat the skeletons by killing all of them. But, that is not so simple, considering that you are bombarded by TNT every few minutes!

Rules of Castle Defence Map

1. Play on max difficulty
2. Don’t break blocks
3. Set render distance to low
4. You are allowed to refill the TNT Cannon
5. Except the dispensers on your side, don’t open any others

Some information for Castle Defence Map

There are three TNT cannons and dispensers with arrows on both sides. To deactivate enemy weapons, kill the iron golem. TNT cannons fire every minute, arrows fire just after that, and skeletons spawn every 30 seconds. On top of the left tower of your castle is a hopper in which if the right key is put, the dispensers shoot flaming arrows.

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