Castle Adventure Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.5
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Recently an evil villager decided to overthrow your kingdom and proclaim himself as king. This obviously comes as bitter news and it’s up to you to take back what was once yours and reinstate yourself as king. It’s a fun map where you need to search for clues to find the tools you’ll need to save the kingdom.


You’ve long ruled your kingdom but recently someone overthrew you! He is an evil man and your people is now being ruled by a complete maniac. You need to find a way to destroy him and take back your lost kingdom. To do this you’ll need a couple of different tools..


  • Play in easy
  • Survival mode
  • Max 10 render distance
  • Don’t break blocks


  • The Evil King is now the Wither Boss
  • Must be played in easy difficulty
  • Some tools are replaced with enchanted items
  • Inner castle is redesigned
  • Boss fight