Camouflage Doors Resource Pack

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This is a resource pack which changes the design for all of the doors in Minecraft to make them better blend in with the surrounding terrain. Mobs such as villagers or zombies will still treat the doors just as before so it’s more suitable for multiplayer servers where you want an easy option to hide something such as a base.

How does it work?

The textures for the doors have been redesigned to look just the same as to some of the most common terrain blocks in Minecraft. This means that you can much easier hide your base from other players. However, it will only work for players who have got the pack enabled at the same time as yourself (e.g. if the resource pack is required for a certain world).

  • Oak Door = Dirt Door
  • Spruce Door = Cobblestone Door
  • Birch Door = Sand Door
  • Jungle Door = Red Sand Door
  • Acacia Door = Stone Door
  • Dark Oak Door = Granite Door
  • Iron Door = Gravel Door

Here is an example of how it can be used in-game. In this case I built a small base on the inside of a mountain and then used a dirt door to hide it.


You will most likely use this in multiplayer. The tutorial below is for multiplayer. If you want it globally in single player then just go to Settings Global resources > Activate pack.