Cake Mode Addon for MCPE

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Cake Mode was created to make survival in Minecraft easier. If you are going to use this add-on we recommend setting the difficulty to easy. This will make hostile mobs spawn but your chances of killing them are much greater than before as you will have stronger punches and several other advantages.

New Survival Advantages

Let’s have a look at the new features which Cake Mode introduces to the game.

Creepers are no longer dangerous. If you hit one it will just puff up but not explode. Adventure in peace without having to worry about these otherwise frustrating creatures.

The loot has been increased for most mobs. It’s still the same type of items which drops but the amount is different.

Wolves have had their health increased. This is especially useful if you’ve tamed a wolf as then it will be able to protect you for a longer time.

The Enderman is now friendly. This means that you can stare straight into their eyes and they won’t attack you.

Most other hostile mobs such as zombies or skeletons are still hostile. The difference now is that you have better abilities, e.g. more punch strength, to kill them.

All of the villagers have been replaced by YouTubers and a weird cake dude.

The iron golem loot has been changed to make it drop a cake if it is slain.

You can now breathe in water for an infinite amount of time.

There are more things which have been changed and added in the latest version of this addon. Make sure to check out the changelog down below this video.

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