Caden Island

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For 1.2.8
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Caden Island is a unique yet standard world which employs the traditional style of the Minecraft village into one large city. The city is divided into five different sections with varying type of archtecture. Even though it’s located on a fairly small island there are lots to be seen and explored here.

Island Features

  • Caden City: Central hub of the island. Looks similar to a normal Minecraft village, but expanded into a city.
  • The Royal Gardens: Exotic area in the northeast corner. Here you will find nature-oriented attractions such as a marsh, a hedge maze and a mushroom forest.
  • Hai Long Bay: Hai Long Bay is part of the beach district and features an acacia-built skyline perched along the eastern coast of the island. There’s also a small mall and a trade center.
  • Mount Giant: It’s the hilly portion of the island. Here you will find dark oak houses which are built practically on top of each other. This area provides for some great views of the other districts.
  • Caden Tower: Technically its own island just north of Caden City. Here you’ll find a huge lapis lazuli tower which serves as the headquarters of the world.