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The Brachiosaurus is most recognizable for its immensely long neck. If you ever see a head stretching over the treetops then that’s very likely to be a Brachiosaurus. It lived somewhere around 150 million years ago but in Minecraft the dinosaur will come to life as soon as you install this addon as it replaces cows and mooshrooms. It’s a passive mob which feeds on leaves and it will never try to harm anyone even if it’s being attacked itself.

Where can I find them?

The male Brachiosaurus is distinguished by its red head and the female one by its brown head. The male ones can be found spawning mostly everywhere as they replace the cows. However, for the females you will have to go to a mushroom biome or maybe it’s just easier use a spawn egg to find one.


The chance of finding the largest Brachiosaurus is quite small seeing as they can spawn in 10 different sizes. However, you can feed small ones some leaves to accelerate their growth progress. You can obtain leaves from trees by using shears or a silk touch enchanted tool.

If you do find two adults of opposite sexes then you can feed them some leaves to make them breed.

It takes just a few seconds for them to breed. Nature is such a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

As soon they are done a little one will spawn and automatically start following the mother.

General Information

  • Feed two adults leaves and they will breed
  • Takes 3 Minecraft days (30 real minutes) for one to grow from stage 1 to 10
  • Males are larger than females
  • Passive
    •  Male
      • Replaces the cow
      • 5 to 50 full hearts from growth stage 1 to 10
      • Red head
      • Spawns everywhere
    • Female
      • Replaces the mooshroom
      • 2.5 to 45 full hearts from growth stage 1 to 10
      • Brown head
      • Spawns in mushroom biomes
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