BombWars Addon Map for MCPE

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For 1.0
Author: BlueDumpyNoob Author twitter:
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This is a simple and fun minigame which requires at least two players but preferably more. It uses an addon which makes TNT blocks explode much quicker. The objective is to place down the TNT blocks on the redstone blocks to kill the other players. The explosions causes just a little bit of damage so you need to be quick about it in order to cause some serious damage.

How to play?

This minigame requires at least two players. If you are going to play it with more than two players I recommend splitting up in two separate teams.

It includes an addon (Quick TNT) and it basically makes the fuse for the TNT shorter which means it will explode as soon it’s placed down on a redstone block in the arena.

Your objective is to kill the other player(s) only by using the TNT blocks which you will be given before entering the arena.

If you run out of TNT blocks you can grab more in the center of the arena where they spawn frequently.

A round continues until there is just one player left. The last man or woman standing is the winner.

The addon is included in the world download.