BM WarStuffs Addon for MCPE

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This addon replaces some of the items in-game with modern weapons and a soldier outfit. It’s really useful for anyone who want to turn Minecraft into something more realistic set in a world with modern tools. At this point it’s quite limited but hopefully we’ll see some more features and items in the future to come.

Weapons and Armor

Marine Armor Set (Chainmail): A soldier armor set which appears to be based on the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform.

Dust Nuke (TNT): It’s a timed explosive which got a bit longer fuse than an ordinary TNT. It causes about the same damage but with some extra fire.

Grenade (egg): A throwable item which explodes a second or two after it has been thrown.

.44 Magnum (bow and arrows): It’s a revolver which is quite powerful. You need bullets (arrows) to use it.

GL1 (ender pearl): An explosive rocket launcher.

LR300 (snowball): A scoped assault rifle which is suitable for long range battles. Knife (iron sword): Useful for close combat.

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