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BlockPhones is the perfect mod for all music lovers out there. Import all your favorite songs (.mp3) to Minecraft and play them in-game. It’s the perfect tool to use if you want to control your music in Minecraft Pocket Edition instead of having to use a separate app such as Spotify.

How does it work?

Use the install guide further down to learn how to install the mod and how to add music files (.MP3) to the game.

Once you’ve done that you will have access to two different text commands in-game.

  • /play [mp3 file] (example: /play bensound-sunny), exclude the .mp3 file extension
  • /stop

The music file will play on repeat. If you want to play another song you must first stop the current one and only after that’s done you’ll be able to load the new one.

Here’s a demo video.

Install Guide

  1. After Install JS file, please close BlockLauncher.
  2. Find some MP3 files. Here’s some royalty free music which we’ll use in this example. I downloaded bensound-sunny.mp3 and bensound-cute.mp3 – file extension must end with .mp3
  3. Copy the files and paste them here: /games/com.mojang/
  4. The files are allowed to include up to 20 characters. If they include more, simply rename them to something shorter. The following symbols are allowed @#$%&-+()=*”‘:;!?, A-Z.
  5. Start BlockLauncher and use the following commands: /play [bensound-sunny]/stop
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