Bigger Explosions Addon for MCPE

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This addon increases the explosion size for five different types of explosions in Minecraft. Everything from TNT to explosions caused by the wither. A benefit for this addon compared to let’s say Nukes PE is that the explosions are just slightly increased and shouldn’t cause much lag for low-end devices.

Which explosions have been changed?

Here is a full list of all explosions which have been altered. All of them appear to have been increased by the same size.

  • Creeper Explosion
  • Fireball (Ghasts)
  • TNT
  • Minecart TNT
  • The Wither Explosions

Look at the images down below to see the aftermaths for using some TNTs.

All of the explosions appear to be of the same size. If you wear no armor and is hit by an explosion you will die.

The ghast spits fire charges and those explosions are also severely increased.

The wither is no joke. Not that it was a joke before. But now it’s even more dangerous than ever before.

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