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This addon adds the new bees that has just been added in the latest snapshot of Minecraft Java Edition now come to the Bedrock Edition bees are very cute animals.

This addon adds bees but they are somewhat different from those of java edition, the bees are somewhat aggressive and they also have poison in their attack if you kill a bee it will release some honey but it is very rare that they release honey

Characteristics of the bees

• They are neutral

• When they die they release honey

• Attack damage: 3

• They’re poisonous

• Health: 10

• If the bees are angry they will attack if you are too close to them and will give you some poison

New items

  • Honey (achieved by killing a bee)
  • Bottle of honey (it is achieved by crafting it)


• Now the bees are totally neutral

• Bees now have normal and angry mode

• New Blocks are added: honey nest and honey hive

• Support for version 1.12