Automatic Farms Map for MCPE

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Here is an amazing redstone map which features 8 different automatic farms. Farms should be an essential part of your bases in Minecraft as they provide an infinite source of food and other necessities which you need to survive. It’s a lot easier to use these automatic farm rather than having to do all the farming by yourself.

This is the most classic automated farm which can be setup to farm all different types of crops such as potatoes, wheat and carrots.


The automatic brewing machine makes brewing a whole lot easier. Press the buttons to select your desired ingredients.


This sugar cane farm is really easy to set up. All you will need is some pistons and a button or a lever. It doesn’t collect the harvested cane in a chest like it does for the other farms but it’s something you could add quite easily.


Here is an automatic sorting machine. It’s not really a farm but it could be used to sort harvested items. For example, you could have carrots placed in one specific chest and potatoes in another.


Here is a cobblestone farm. Pull the lever two times to start generating cobblestone. You have to mine them yourself though.


The automatic furnace is really useful if you want to be able to cook lots of food without having to return to fill up the furnace all the time.


The cactus farm does all the work by itself. No need to press any buttons or anything. The cactuses will be automatically added to the chest.


This cocoa beans farm work similar to the first farm, except that it’s smaller and work specifically for cocoa beans.


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