Automatic Beacon Generator Map for MCPE

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This map demonstrates the new beacon feature in Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.16.0. It’s currently only available as beta for Android users but will likely be released for iOS, Windows 10 Edition and other systems soon. In the map you will be able to use levers to activate multiple beacons to take advantage of different potions effects.

Use the levers to decide which type of potion effects to activate. As soon as a lever is toggled a sticky piston will pull the a diamond block to allow the correct beacon to beam and thus generate the potion effect.

The only slight downside with all this is that the beacon textures appear to be bugged. But that’s not the map maker to blame. This version which I am using is a beta version so it will likely be fixed in the future.

Important: This map requires version 0.16.0 (click for beta) or above.

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