Automated Racetrack Map for MCPE

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Automated Racetrack Map is by far one of the best horse racetrack map available for Minecraft Pocket Edition so far. It’s entirely powered by redstone and it includes a short horse tutorial, a stable, a training course and a highly advanced racing track which have lots of fun obstacles and other things to make the experience very fun.

Getting a Horse

Before entering the racetrack go to the horse paddock and select one of the horses which you want to tame and ride.


Sit on the horseback and try to ride it until you see some hearts – that’s when you know it’s tamed. Then long-tap on the horse and press Open to equip the saddle on the horseback.

You can also go to the stables and find an already tamed horse to use.


Take one of the leashes from the chest and attach it to the horse and lead the horse to training course.


Once you are done with the training continue to the racetrack.


Before entering the actual racetrack you have to toggle some levers to decide how many players will be in the race and also how many laps you want to ride.



Each player must stand on his pressure plates with his horse in order for the countdown to begin. You will both hear the sound of the countdown and see redstone lamps counting down.


At the end of the track the winner will be congratulated with some beautiful fireworks!


You can play it as many times you want as it’s resetted automatically.


  • Play on peaceful
  • Don’t destroy blocks
  • Turn the volume up/on
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