Auto Vending Machine Map for MCPE

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This vending machine is fully automated and is entirely powered by redstone. It has pretty much the same features a real life vending machine would have. Insert coins into the machine and select from various options which item to get. It’s a great way to learn how redstone works as all the redstone logic and setup is completely open and available to see when it’s in action.

Take some coins (diamonds) from the chest. Add some coins to the dropper and then press the wooden button to insert them into the machine.


In this case I only added one coin. And as you can see, I am only able to choose between Chicken and Porkchop.


But if I add another coin to the machine then the Steak and Rabbit options will light up.


I’m in the mood for some steak. If I press the button above the Steak the dispenser on the right will drop it in a few seconds.


On the very left of the creation is a door which leads to the income storage. Here you can find all the coins which have been inserted into the vending machine.


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