Auto Spleef Map for MCPE

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Spleef maps are very fun to play but they are usually never fun to reset. This map aims to solve that problem by automatically doing it for you. This is done by integrating a cobblestone generator into the spleef floor. Whenever any of the floor blocks are destroyed it will repair itself within a few seconds. You can very easily change the floor reset timer in-game.

How to play?

All players should get a diamond shovel from one of the droppers. If you lose your shovel you can retrieve a new one here.

Enter the spleef arena and begin a countdown, either by voice or chat. The objective is to use the diamond shovel to destroy the floor underneath other players. If a player drops through he will die and is not allowed to enter until a new round starts.

The floor will automatically repair itself a few seconds after it has been damaged. This means that you never have to reset the map.

If you want to add some time so that it takes longer for the floor to repair itself then you can add some items to a hopper.


  • Don’t break other blocks than the cobblestone
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • You are not allowed to hit other players
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For 0.16.0
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