Archer Training Map for MCPE 0.13.1

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Archer Training is a minigame where you have to put your abilities to use a bow to the test. In total there are 16 levels you have to get past before completing the map.
Archer Training Map starts easy but as you get past the 10th level or so you will notice a drastic difference in difficulty. Our recommendation is to not think too much about the crosshair because it appears to not be as accurate as one would imagine in certain levels.

How to play?

It’s really simple. Grab the bow and arrow from the chest at spawn and then enter the first level. Aim at the button in the other side of the room and try to hit it using the bow and arrow. If you do, the door to the next level will open.


  • Turn difficulty off
  • If the redstone signal which is connected to a door bugs, just destroy the iron door with your hand


Important Note

All signs are written in Spanish or Portuguese. If you speak neither of these languages then use the English instructions found in this post and you will be fine.

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